We Believe In Second Chances

Hope Mobile was founded on the belief that people
cannot break the cycle of poverty by receiving handouts,
but can achieve stability by receiving a helping hand.


Our Philosophy

The Hope Mobile is a nonprofit organization that doesn’t operate like any other charity organization.
Charity is a noble undertaking, giving to those in need, but the Hope Mobile doesn’t believe “handouts”
solve any of the underlying problems of those who accept charity.

A handout means receiving something for doing nothing. This doesn’t give people an incentive to change,
or work towards bettering their circumstances. This is the very mindset the Hope Mobile strives to change.
We don’t give handouts! Instead, we give those in need a helping hand!

What We Do

Social Enterprise Programs

“The Hope Mobile is committed to providing strategic programs and activities that address the challenges of poverty and unemployment.
We have developed Social Enterprise Programs to give people a second chance to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their community.

We believe a strong economy results from active involvement from the community and local businesses. Our goal is to work with local business,
connecting them to those in need in the local community, by developing programs that create opportunities that benefit everyone.”

Landscaping Services


Education & Training

Internship & Assistance in Job Placement

Junk Removal Services

Mobile Detailing Services

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Management Team

Ken Moffatt | President


Anh Paschal | Vice President


Grey Nguyen | Director of Operations


Success Stories

When the Trotters came to us, they were living in a one room motel. The motel was in a dangerous environment surrounded by drugs,
bugs, mold, and gang activity. With low income jobs, they were living paycheck to paycheck and had no means of improving their situation.

Through our Housing Program, we were able to move them into one of our transitional living facilities, rent free, for six months.
During those six months, the Trotters were able to save $1000.00 each month and receive life skills training to better their lives.
We educated and assisted them with resume building, interview skills, and money management.

As the first participants to graduate from our program, the Trotters are now moving into their first two bedroom apartment
and now have the confidence to acquire higher paying jobs through our affiliated network of contacts!

Janice, Tenessa, and Leilani Trotter

Make a difference for another by giving them Hope!



Hope Mobile 501(c)(3)

T. (949) 777 – 5951

9252 Garden Grove Blvd Suite 23
Garden Grove, CA 92844